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Detailed Database
A new dimension in particle size and shape analysis


The intelligent software for your CPA systems

The modern HAVER CPA technology offers you a tremendously extensive database. Based on this underlying data, our continuously further developed HAVER CpaServ software creates an image of your materials that goes far beyond the previously known definitions. This has developed to the extent that the data reveals known weaknesses in established techniques for determining size and shape, thereby rendering old limits obsolete.


Key features and options for analysis

Particle list

All particles of a measurement are shown to scale and all measurement and analysis values are available in a particle list.


  • Comprehensive, enhanced analysis
  • Visual, manual analysis
  • Development and verification of filter values
  • Development and verification of characteristic values
  • Development and verification of classifications
  • Definition of specific material properties

Particle shape and size analysis

HAVER CpaServ offers a wide range of customizable measurement values and analysis options:


  • Volume, area, quantity... for representative weighting.
  • Tables, graphs... for exact visualization.
  • Fraction and through-flow distribution... for clearly structured presentation.
  • Targeted, customizable mean and characteristic values... for immediate evaluation.

Intuitive operating

  • Easy to operate
  • Arranged in modern tab design
  • Touch compatible controls
  • Customizable interface
  • Easy to use requiring no prior experience
  • “Measurement preparation” guide

Tolerance range monitoring

Limit curves automatically monitor the tolerance range and issue warnings in the event of deviations:


  • Limits continuously displayed in tables and graphs
  • Exceeded tolerances visualized in red
  • Recognizable even for untrained personnel
  • Based on values from literature and experience
  • Individually for each material specification

Recent findings, re-evaluation

Your data can be evaluated both manually/visually as well as algorithmically. The HAVER CpaServ software offers additional tools for this purpose, which, in addition to the filters described, also provide facilities for calculations and allocation. Ultimately, recurrent analyses can be mapped neutrally and accurately. This enables you to process large amounts of data quickly and reliably without the risk of being influenced by various sources of error and human subjectivity.

In equal measure, these tools also significantly reduce the daily workload when these established definitions are simply used as characteristic values. One or two specific characteristic values in conjunction with HAVER CPA technology enable you not only to carry out analyses, but also to evaluate them reliably - entirely without extensive training, while at the same time ensuring maximum error protection.

Easy to use

The HAVER CPA software is easy to use and runs on all currently available Windows operating systems. It offers a wide range of analysis functions as well as evaluation and graphical display of the measuring results.



Other advantages at a glance

  • User-friendly and clearly structured user interface
  • Many aspects of the user interface elements are customizable and provide a wealth of tailor-made options for a widest range of applications
  • The saved result data require only a small amount of storage capacity
  • Storage of an extended data set for virtual measurements, post-processing of results, and viewing of all particles (see Applications).

Pay particular attention to details:

  • Real-time measurement of the particles and calculation of the particle shapes and sizes
  • User definable size and shape classes that can be changed even after completion of the measurement process
  • Tabular and graphical presentation of various size and shape parameters
  • Filter options can be used to remove foreign objects from all result presentations
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