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Dynamic image analysis (DIA)

Innovative particle size and shape analysis with digital HAVER CPA systems

Are you looking for a reliable method to precisely analyse the particle size distribution and shape of dry, non-agglomerating bulk materials? Use the dynamic image analysis of the CPA systems (Computerized Particle Analysis) from Haver & Boecker for this. With extensive know-how and decades of experience of our engineers in the fields of plants, machines and screening media, we develop CPA systems for a wide range of requirements.

Reliable, individual and in real-time

From the standard unit to the customized in- or online-solution, the HAVER CPA systems enable you to carry out comprehensive particle analyses for the largest theoretical measuring range up to 400 mm. Measure and count all particles that are in the measuring range of your sample reliably and in real time with our proven line scan technology.

In the field of dynamic image analysis, Haver & Boecker with the HAVER CPA is one of the co-founders of the product technology and category with now more than 30 years of product innovation and experience.

The CPA method – simply explained:

The technology of Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA)

The solution

All HAVER CPA measuring devices use digital-optical image processing for dynamic image analysis of particles. The material sample is automatically dosed via a feeder. In the measurement channel, an LED light source and a digital line scan camera operate using the backlight method. The „scan“ principle of the line scan camera eliminates cropping or even the complete loss of particles, which could falsify the result.

Wide range of analysis options

As the data obtained are high-resolution and complete, it is thus possible to analyse and evaluate all details in a particle list and various other reports. This opens up numerous options for scientific research and development in fields that have not yet been established.

100% measurement

The technology implemented forms a single endless image from the raw data captured by the camera. The lack of single images solves the problem of the frame rate (fps) and of double-measured or cropped or generally discarded particles.

High-resolution measurement values are calculated for all particles and each particle is stored with an ID.

Highly precise particle detection

The high-tech components used and the very high resolution obtained over the entire width of the measuring range, enable extremely precise particle detection. This ensures that all particles in the measuring range are detected and available in high quality complete with all details.

Even the minutest of sample sizes can thus be measured reproducibly.

Modern, convenient, accessible

The CPA units backed by the artificial intelligence of the HAVER CpaServ software offer the utmost in accessibility via the modern user interface. With the help of the software, individual measurement processes can be defined and subsequently controlled and run automatically by the software.

The data from all analyses are likewise processed in real time and are available in a variety of analyses and visualisations.

HAVER CPA peripheral devices

Various peripheral devices complete the product range of HAVER CPA units in practical use. They ensure the best possible efficiency for your measuring task. Thanks to their modular design, the different versions can be combined with all HAVER CPA units.

HAVER dispersing unit

The HAVER dispersing unit is based on the latest ultrasonic technology for the best possible sample feeding, even with fine materials.

It breaks up agglomerates and consistently ensures a high measurement quality, even with particles that are difficult to separate.

HAVER autosampler

The HAVER AS Autosampler takes over the loading of your HAVER CPA unit with material samples, fully automatically. It is equipped with 6, 12 or 24 sample containers.

This allows your samples to be measured without the intervention of laboratory staff.


With the HAVER DMS sieving machine you can separate your sample weight in a particle size range up to 45 mm into three fractions with two separating cuts. The electromagnetic drive of the HAVER DMS generates a linear oscillating movement.

In combination with a HAVER CPA unit, the fine fraction of a material sample is sieved out and the measuring time is reduced by a large factor.


The HAVER EMZ essentially fulfils two functions: On the one hand, it is used for conveying and dosing bulk materials, and on the other hand as a buffer store for subsequent processes.

The HAVER EMZ pre-dosing unit has an infinitely variable magnetic drive, so it can be used with any bulk material.

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