The stage opens for the new INTEGRA® FFS

Press release from 2015-04-01

The newest system generation of HAVER & BOECKER covers all three dimension: product, packaging and weight

HAVER & BOECKER will be exhibiting under the motto “TIME TO INTEGRA” in Frankfurt at the ACHEMA 2015 at Stand 3.0/F38 on June 15 -19, 2015. Taking center stage will be the newest generation INTEGRA® filling system for filling into tubular film bags with its complete new design and technical innovations. HAVER & BOECKER will also be showing systems from its subsidiary companies: a Type 84 automatic drum filler from Feige FILLING and a coaxial mixer from SOMMER.

HAVER & BOECKER to present the next INTEGRA® generation

At Achema the Oelde-based systems supplier for complete packing and bag handling lines will be showing for the first time a system of the next INTEGRA® FFS generation. INTEGRA® stands for stationary, enclosed and complete packaging systems for filling cement, building products, minerals, chemical products, food and feed stuffs. The entire range of the new Form-Fill-Seal design will be ready for market by the end of this year. Here the largest system is designed for speeds of up to 3200 bags/hr.

In addition to speed, the INTEGRA® is also able to handle a broader range of fillable product types, weights, and packaging types and materials. Thus in addition to powders, granulates and micro-granulates, the system is also able to fill liquids and special products (such as flakes or products with pieces) into valve-type or plastic tubular film bags. Every type of packaging can be used independently of shape and material. The weight spectrum ranges from 1 to 50 kilograms. Two thousand kilograms are possible with Big Bags.

“We find a solution for almost every possible of ‘product – packaging – weight’ combination, completely customized to suit customer wishes,“ says Robert Brüggemann, Business Unit Manager of HAVER Chemicals, with regards to the numerous possible applications of the next  INTEGRA® generation.

The INTEGRA® FFS generation unit to be exhibited is an ISF1: an INTEGRA packing system for filling product into tubular film bags with a free-fall spout. This FFS system is ideal for filling micro-granulated, granulated and powder-type products into plastic bags with a weight of 5 to 25 kg at speeds up to 2200 bags/hr. The high-speed system was developed for filling mass bulk products and is characterized by its high flexibility, process reliability, minimum cleaning requirements and its ease of maintenance.

The ISF1 convinces the user with its many technical innovations: a new maintenance-free full-bag gripper ensures reliable bag handling and automatic speed optimization enables efficient results. A photocell within the material flow measures the flow properties. Using the recorded data the machine automatically and optimally sets the highest possible speed. Manual adjustments are no longer necessary.

During the development phase the HAVER & BOECKER experts placed much emphasis on reducing complexity with regards to components and used a new touch-panel to make operation and service easy. The ISF1 has as standard equipment a return spillage drawer that makes the machine especially easy to clean. Two large sized doors allow easy accessibility. Additional diagnostic LEDs allow the operator to see the condition of the system at a glance (blue = ongoing operation, red = fault, white = doors open).
As special equipment, HAVER & BOECKER offers a toolbox for spare parts and tools that is built-in beneath the machine. Thus the machine operator always has all the necessary items for maintenance and machine adjustment readily at hand. The use of servo-motors leads to energy savings.

FEIGE’s “Top Model” at ACHEMA: Type 84 high-speed filling system

FEIGE filling systems guarantee the highest production quality and reliability. Hazardous and non-hazardous materials are custom-filled into the desired packaging by FEIGE systems. At ACHEMA together with the mixing and production technology from SOMMER Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, the HAVER & BOECKER subsidiary companies will be showing how it is possible to attain excellent supplementary systems from a single source. The coaxial mixer from SOMMER is optimally suitable for the manufacturing of middle to high viscosity products and the FEIGE Type 84 automatic drum fillers offer the highest level of automation. Together they represent maximum performance for plant operators. Using precise photo-realistic planning, also if necessary after the prior scanning of the production hall, a comprehensive total concept by SOMMER and FEIGE can be examined and discussed before implementation in 3D format. FEIGE FACTORY DESIGN allows the planned system to be matched up exactly to the surroundings, according to customer-specific wishes and possibilities. This process saves time and money.

Presentation of the advantages of modular plant construction

HAVER & BOECKER is not only an exhibitor at the trade show, but is also a part of a presentation at the Achema Congress. Robert Brüggemann, Business Unit Manager of HAVER Chemicals, will be presenting the advantages of modular plant construction using an example from the petrochemical industry. The topic is called: “Minimizing interfaces by designing integrated, modular components and processes”. The presentation will be taking place in the Congress Room on Monday June 15 at 4:30 p.m. Visitors are welcome.

Discussion Round: “OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness”

HAVER & BOECKER is inviting visitors to a discussion on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Interested persons can participate in an exchange with the packing experts from Oelde in an open discussion round on the OEE megatrend. How is the OEE characteristic number determined? What consequences can be drawn from it? How can performance, quality and operational availability losses be minimized? How can the system‘s efficiency be improved? These and other questions will be the focus of the discussion. The discussion round will be taking place on June 16 and 18 beginning at 11 a.m. at the HAVER & BOECKER exhibition stand (Stand 3.0/F38). Interested individuals are asked the pre-register in advance at c.reinke(at)haverboecker(dot)com.