Operator models for packing and processing plants

Press release from 2015-06-22

HAVER Engineering GmbH expands its range of services at its new location

HAVER Engineering GmbH has been located in Freiberg, Germany, as of May 1, 2015. By combining the engineering offices and R&D Center in Freiberg, the affiliated institute of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg is expanding its range of services and placing special emphasis on efficiency and customer friendliness. HAVER Engineering structures its activities under the three areas of development, operation and process optimization through consulting, education and training. Thus customer requirements are more precisely targeted than before.

In addition to the development activities for machines and processes of the processing engineering offered up to now, HAVER Engineering is offering its R&D Center for production and trial batches as an additional service. New is its mobile R&D Unit which can produce large trial batches directly at the customer’s location in accordance to individual requirements. Here customers are able to examine process improvements and test the employed machines directly on site. By conducting an audit, experts are able to open up possible improvement potential in the production at the customer and in this way optimize his plant. This can be done at new projects and already-operating production processes.

HAVER Engineering also offers specialized and practical technical seminars worldwide in the sectors of mining, mineral processing, recycling and material handling. Experienced specialists instruct participants in an ideal environment on practical topics at selected research centers or at established educational institutions. If requested the instruction can take place directly at the customer’s location.

And in order to benefit from HAVER & BOECKER‘s decades-long experience in machine and plant construction, HAVER Engineering is now offering various operator models for the construction and operation of machines and plants from HAVER & BOECKER’s world of technology. Whether it’s a packing plant for cement or a granulating facility for the manufacture of fertilizers – HAVER Engineering operates the plant, removes apprehension to investment, improves efficiency, trains the personnel, and hands the process chain over to the customer at the specified time point.

New address:
Halsbrücker Straße 34
09599 Freiberg
Phone: 03731 419700
Telefax: 03731 419701