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Powtech 2023 - Everything from a single source

Aggregated loose, bulk solids and filtration expertise

Screening, analyzing, processing, mixing, filling, packaging, palletizing, stocking and transporting, all complemented by innovative digitalization solutions for optimizing processes, is what the HAVER & BOECKER Wire Weaving and Machinery Divisions have to offer with focused expertise together with their joint ventures AVENTUS and NEXOPART. And this is what they will be showing together with their technology subsidiaries BEHN+BATES and QUAT²RO at this year's POWTECH in Nuremberg. In Hall 1 on Stands 1-537 and 1-533 (NEXOPART). They will be presenting many new and proven products from a single source on September 26 - 28.



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HAVER & BOECKER Wire Weaving Division

Focus on all the variations of ultrasonic screening

Ultrasonic screening systems with frequency variation are the focus of the Wire Weaving Division’s presentation. Screening systems equipped in this way ensure more efficient screening by improving screening throughput, promoting the grinding of agglomerates, reducing oversized content and permanently cleaning the screen. When used in silos, ultrasonic action gently ensures better separation and conveying of bulk materials..

In addition to industrial screening, the focus is on metal wire mesh products as solutions for demanding filtration tasks.


Simplicity for your lab

HAVER & BOECKER and HOSOKAWA ALPINE have founded a joint company: NEXOPART. On stand 1-533, the new company will be presenting its jointly expanded portfolio which offers products and services for conventional particle and dynamic image analysis for every sieve analysis task.


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HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division

presents the latest version of the proven ADAMS® technology

The centerpiece of the HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division’s trade fair presentation is the INTEGRA ISL equipped with ADAMS® technology. It fills powdery products into preformed bags made of endless tubular film. During filling, air is removed from the bag with the help of a vibrating lance and bottom. Next, the packaging is then hermetically sealed. The result is completely sealed and very compact bags with a safe and high-quality product protection - from filling to use by the end customer.



The specialist for precise bagging and efficient palletizing of free-flowing bulk materials

AVENTUS is known as the specialist for bagging free-flowing bulk goods into FFS bags or FIBCs, and for the subsequent bag palletizing. With its solutions, the Warendorf-Germany-based packing machine manufacturer focuses on all the basic requirements of modern packaging along the value chain, especially for applications in the petrochemicals, salt, fertilizer, agricultural and animal feed industries. The well-known brand names of AVENTUS stand for profit: TOPAS SF as the leading FFS technology, AURUM or PLATINUM for bag palletizing with the highest stacking quality and performance.


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Focus on food industry: Pneumatic packer as the proven all-rounder for precise and clean filling of valve bags

The BEHN+BATES pneumatic packer has proven itself over the years in industrial applications for filling a wide variety of food products like starches, flours, proteins, sugar etc.. It works using the so-called air filling principle and ensures a uniform product discharge from the filling vessel while simultaneously providing high filling capacity, low air consumption and minimal amounts of returned spillage. At POWTECH 2023, visitors can see the BEHN + BATES concept for themselves and learn how easy it is to obtain compact and cleanly filled bags in a clean packing environment.



presents innovative digitalization solutions for the future

At POWTECH 2023, QUAT²RO - the digitalization specialist from HAVER & BOECKER - will be presenting cutting-edge digital products that leverage the great optimization potential in production processes. With over 30 years of experience in the automation and digitalization industry, QUAT²RO is the ideal partner for companies that strive to make their value chains more efficient. POWTECH visitors will gain comprehensive insights into the digital software modules and they will be convinced by the numerous benefits of process digitalization. At POWTECH 2023, among other things, QUAT²RO will be presenting the latest QUAT²RO® Connect software module, which provides customers a holistic platform for the future of data analysis and aims to optimize business processes.


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Save your free ticket for Powtech 2023 now!

Our teams from HAVER & BOECKER, NEXOPART, AVENTUS, BEHN+BATES and QUAT²RO cordially invite you and look forward to your visit. Register here and we will send you your admission voucher:


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