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Laboratory and particle measurement technology

Here you will find the right equipment for reliable analyses

When using particle measurement technology in the laboratory, precision and reliability are a must. Ultimately careful material analysis creates the prerequisite for the best results. This makes innovative systems that guarantee you reliable results and maximum investment security all the more important. It is precisely this safety that is guaranteed by our particle analysis systems, which always set new standards in their function and measuring accuracy. Whether in the test laboratory, in quality control or in analytics - the measurement methods used for particle size and particle shape analysis are used in almost all areas.

Sieve analysis

Precise technology for every process step

Reliable sieve analyses are based on the highest precision: this applies to the analysis itself, but also to sample division, evaluation and cleaning. For each of these steps in the sieve analysis process, Haver & Boecker is a reliable partner at your side.

The HAVER sieve analysis programme for determination of particle size distribution offers you individual solutions for the analysis of sieved material in almost any shape, size and condition. We support you with state-of-the-art technology, extensive accessories and professional advice.

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Dynamic image analysis

Determination of the shape, size and number of bulk particles

Whether in the laboratory, in a process or in industry: Haver & Boecker's dynamic image analysis offers you a measurement method with extensive analysis data for bulk solids from 20 µm. The fast and precise particle detection saves time and provides reproducible measurement results.

With modern ultrasonic technology, you can measure even the finest materials and carry out round-the-clock measurements with the HAVER Autosampler.

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The product analysis

Determination of bulk density, pourability and deaeration behaviour

Our field-proven analysers lead to economical packaging solutions for bulk materials by enabling you to acquire the process-relevant product properties. This allows you to quickly and reliably determine the necessary adjustments to the machine parameters - for example, when changing the product, changing the product quality or changing the packaging material.

The development of our HAVER ANALYTIK products is based on extensive practical experience. Our devices not only allow you to objectify the data - they also allow you to compare analyses over time.

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