Experience reports / Statements

Extra-occupational Bachelor of Engineering

“Haver & Boecker opened up for me new vocational perspectives and skills through the extra-occupational course of study, which made my learned profession even more varied and demanding.” 

At H&B since ‘08, Marina, Bachelor of Engineering

Extra-occupational Master in Economic Psychology

“Apart from the ability to utilise flexitime, the outstanding support was of considerable help for me in preparing my Master's thesis.” 

At H&B since ‘07, Marcel, HAVER SERVICE

Extra-occupational student B. Eng.

“The extra-occupational course of study provided me with the ideal basis with which to achieve my career objectives at Haver & Boecker.”

At H&B since September ‘11, Sergej, Haver & Boecker

Extra-occupational B. Eng. and M. Sc. student

"HAVER & BOECKER offered me a practical and theoretically based dual work-study course of studies, which was combined and oriented towards a future professional perspective.”

At H&B since ‘08, Philipp, Haver & Boecker


General manager

“During my assignment abroad, I have been able to gain numerous insights into all corporate sectors of a distribution company and to further develop my personal and professional skills.”

At H&B since ‘08, Gabriela, international assignment in Australia from 2013 to 2017

Head of operations

“If I have learned anything then it’s that a good team is the key to success.”  

At H&B since ‘06, Stefan, at our subsidiary in China since May ‘15 (after an assignment in India from ‘11 to ‘13).

Training as an industrial clerk

"The training at HAVER & BOECKER is outstanding. We are offered the opportunity to work in virtually every department and there are also many more opportunities for further education. 

At H&B since ‘15, Maximilian, Haver & Boecker

Technical product designer apprentice:

“Due to the fact that we are integrated into the work of every department, we receive a comprehensive view of professional life and our company.” 

At H&B since August ‘15, Carolin, Haver & Boecker

Professionally experienced people (m/f)

“HAVER & BOECKER offers a good and friendly working environment and enables employees to achieve their career objectives through individual promotional programmes.”

At H&B since ‘07, Ann-Kristin, Order Processing

Service engineer

“Those who want to excel in their profession and wish to continue to develop have a highly diverse and interesting career as a service engineer.”

At H&B since ‘08, Stefan, Service Engineer

Commissioning project manager

“You can travel around the world as a service engineer with HAVER & BOECKER and, apart from very interesting work, you can also get to know the country and the people.”

At H&B since ‘77, Michael, Commissioning Project Manager

Infokasten zu „Ausbildung Weltweit“

[Translate to English:] AusbildungWeltweit ist ein Programm des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) zur Förderung von Auslandspraktika im Rahmen der beruflichen Bildung. Das Programm ist 2017 mit einer Pilotphase gestartet. Seit November 2018 ist AusbildungWeltweit ein reguläres Förderprogramm des BMBF. 

Seit dem Start der Pilotphase in 2017 werden Auszubildende sowie Ausbilderinnen und Ausbilder bei Praktika oder Job Shadowings in den USA, in China, Mexiko oder z.B. auch der Schweiz finanziell unterstützt. Aufenthalte von drei Wochen bis drei Monaten bei Auszubildenden und von zwei Tagen bis zwei Wochen für Ausbildungspersonal sind möglich.

Die Zuschüsse, z.B. für Reise und Unterkunft stehen für alle Länder zur Verfügung, die nicht bereits über das EU-Programm Erasmus+ abgedeckt werden.

AusbildungWeltweit richtet sich an ausbildende Unternehmen und andere nicht-schulische Einrichtungen der Berufsbildung. Umgesetzt wird AusbildungWeltweit bei der Nationalen Agentur beim BIBB.

Mehr Infos zum Programm auf: